product details

                  Is IR horizontal centrifugal water pump

                  Is and IR single-stage and single suction horizontal clear water centrifugal pump is designed according to the performance and size specified in the international standard is02858, and its technical standards are close to the international standards, reaching the international advanced level. It is one of the energy-saving pump products popularized in China. The centrifugal pump has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, small volume, light weight, good cavitation resistance, low power consumption and convenient operation and maintenance. It can be used for suction and delivery of clear water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water without solid particles. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, city, drainage, fire water supply, etc. The is and IR pumps have a wide range of versatility. There are 140 specifications in the whole series, but only four shafts are used. The shafts, bearings and shaft seals of the same specification can be interchanged; the suspension of the whole series of pumps is only four. Pump speed is divided into 2900 and 1450 rpm.


                  Overview of is and IR products:

                  Is and IR single-stage and single suction horizontal clear water centrifugal pump is designed according to the performance and size specified in the international standard is02858, and its technical standards are close to the international standards, reaching the international advanced level. It is one of the energy-saving pump products popularized in China. The centrifugal pump has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, small volume, light weight, good cavitation resistance, low power consumption and convenient operation and maintenance. It can be used for suction and delivery of clear water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water without solid particles. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, city, drainage, fire water supply, etc. The is and IR pumps have a wide range of versatility. There are 140 specifications in the whole series, but only four shafts are used. The shafts, bearings and shaft seals of the same specification can be interchanged; the suspension of the whole series of pumps is only four. Pump speed is divided into 2900 and 1450 rpm.

                  The performance is as follows: 2900 RPM 1450 RPM large flow: 240 m3 / min 400 m3 / min higher total head: 125 m 55 m high speed: 3500 R / min (when used for 60 wave power supply, the impeller diameter is reduced) higher working temperature: 80 ℃ allowable suction pipe pressure 0.3 MPa, higher pump operating pressure 1.6 MPa.

                  Is and IR single-stage and single suction horizontal clean water centrifugal pump is open back, so it is not necessary to remove the suction and discharge pipelines when removing the pump cover and impeller. Two ball bearings are installed in the suspension, lubricated with machine oil or grease. The pump is directly driven by motor through elastic coupling. The vortex chamber, foot, inlet flange and outlet flange are cast as a whole.

                  Model meaning


                  2、 Assembly and disassembly of is and IR horizontal single stage and single suction clear water centrifugal pump:

                  Before assembly, the pump should first check whether there are defects affecting the assembly of a part, and wipe clean before assembly.

                  1. In advance, the connecting bolts and plugs can be tightened on the corresponding parts.

                  2. In advance, 0-shaped sealing ring, paper pad and felt can be placed on corresponding parts.

                  3. In advance, the sealing ring and packing, packing ring, packing gland, etc. can be installed in the pump cover in turn.

                  4. Install the rolling bearing on the shaft, then install it into the suspension, close the cover, compress the rolling bearing, and sleeve the connecting bolt on the shaft.

                  5. Fit the shaft on the shaft, then install the pump cover on the suspension, and then install and tighten the impeller, stop gasket and impeller nut. Finally, install the above components into the pump body and tighten the connecting bolts on the pump body and pump cover.

                  In the above assembly process, some small parts such as flat key, oil baffle, O-shaped sealing ring in the shaft sleeve of water baffle are easy to be leaked or the clamping sequence should be paid special attention to.

                  The disassembly sequence of the pump can be carried out in the reverse direction of the assembly sequence.


                  The quality of pump installation has an important impact on the operation and life of the pump, so the installation and calibration must be carried out carefully. Pump shape and installation dimensions.

                  1. Installation and calibration:

                  1) Remove the grease and dirt from the base and place the base on the foundation.

                  2) Check the levelness of the base with a level gauge, and it is allowed to use wedge iron for leveling.

                  3) Cement the base and anchor bolt holes.

                  4) After the cement is dry, check whether the base and anchor bolt holes are loose, tighten the anchor bolts and recheck the levelness.

                  5) Clean the support plane of the base, the plane of the pump foot and the motor foot, and install the water record and motor on the base.

                  6) There should be a certain gap between the couplings. Check whether the center line of the pump shaft and the motor shaft is consistent, and use thin gasket to adjust it to make it concentric.

                  The difference between the top and bottom of the outer circle of the coupling shall not be more than 0.1 mm, and the maximum and minimum difference between the two coupling end faces in one circle shall not exceed 0.3 (mm

                  2. Installation instructions:

                  1) The installation height of the pump, the length, diameter and flow rate of the pipeline shall conform to the calculation, so as to reduce unnecessary loss.

                  2) Large pipe diameter should be adopted for long distance transportation. The pipeline of the pump should have its own support. The weight of the pipeline is not allowed to be added to the pump to avoid crushing the pump.

                  3) If check valve is installed in the discharge pipeline, it should be installed outside the gate valve.

                  3、 Start stop and operation of is and IR horizontal single stage and single suction clean water centrifugal pump

                  1. Start up:

                  1) It should be determined whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct and whether the operation of the pump is flexible before the machine is connected.

                  2) Close the idle valve on the discharge line.

                  3) Fill the pump with water or use a vacuum pump to draw water.

                  4) Turn on the power supply, and when the pump reaches the normal speed, gradually open the gate valve on the discharge pipe and adjust it to the required working condition. When the gate valve on the discharge pipe is closed, the continuous working time of the pump shall not exceed 3 minutes.

                  2. Stop:

                  1) Gradually close the gate valve on the discharge pipe and cut off the power supply.

                  2) If the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the water in the pump should be discharged to avoid freezing crack.

                  3) If the pump is not used for a long time, the pump should be disassembled, cleaned, oiled and stored.

                  3. Operation:

                  1) In the process of start-up and operation, it is necessary to observe whether the instrument reading, bearing heating, packing leakage and heating, vibration and noise are normal. If abnormal conditions are found, they shall be handled immediately.

                  2) The maximum bearing temperature shall not be more than 80 ℃, and the bearing temperature shall not be more than 40 ℃ than the surrounding temperature.

                  3) The packing is normal and the leakage should be small?.

                  4) The bearing oil level should be kept at the normal position, not too high or too low. If it is too low, the lubricating oil should be replenished in time.

                  5) If the clearance between the seal ring and impeller is too large, replace it with a new one.

                  IS IR臥式離心泵 性能參數1.jpg

                  Application and characteristics of is, IR horizontal single stage and single suction clear water centrifugal pump

                  Is and IR pumps are Horizontal single-stage and single suction clear water centrifugal pumps, which are used in industry and agriculture, urban drainage, fire water supply, etc.

                  It can be used for suction and delivery of clear water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water without solid particles. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, city, drainage, fire water supply, etc.

                  Is and IR pumps are designed according to the performance and size specified in the international standard is02858, and their technical standards are close to the international standards, reaching the international advanced level. It is one of the energy-saving pump products popularized in China.

                  The centrifugal pump has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, small volume, light weight, good cavitation resistance, low power consumption and convenient operation and maintenance.

                  The is and IR pumps have a wide range of versatility. There are 140 specifications in the whole series, but only four kinds of shafts are used,

                  It can be interchanged; there are only four kinds of suspension for the whole series of pumps.

                  Pump speed is divided into 2900 and 1450 rpm.

                  The performance is as follows: 2900 RPM 1450 rpm

                  Maximum flow: 240m3 / min 400m3 / min

                  Maximum total lift: 125m 55m

                  Maximum speed: 3500 rpm (impeller diameter decreases when used in 60 wave power supply)

                  Maximum working temperature: 80 ℃

                  The allowable suction pipeline pressure is 0.3MPa, and the maximum service pressure of the pump is 1.6Mpa.

                  Related information

                  Address:576 Wuding Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai


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